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Oddworld Inhabitants have been pretty quiet since their initial announcement of Oddworld: Soulstorm, which is set to be a remake of the 1998 game, Abe’s Exodus. Now, that silence has been broken, with a screenshot no less.

Set to launch this fall, the remake, much like New ‘n’ Tasty, will bring the classic game to the twenty-first century, though any other details have yet to be revealed. The game was unveiled in March last year, and will take a “big cinematic leap” for the series.

Unfortunately we’ve got little in the way of details about what the game will include, but hey, here’s a new screenshot nonetheless.

The screenshot was the result of a pretty lengthy tease from Oddworld Inhabitants who created an elaborate treasure hunt involving cryptic images and audio files. Fortunately it didn’t take too long for the community to come together and discover the above screenshot.

With Oddworld: Soulstorm set to launch later this year, chances are we’ll be hearing so much more about the game.


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