Over the past week or so various videos, screenshots, and more have leaked out to suggest that Overwatch will be celebrating the Chinese New Year with the Year of the Rooster. Now, Blizzard has unleashed the New Lunar Celebrations upon us with new skins, Loot boxes, and much more!

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year celebrations are in full swing, and for the next three weeks players can jump into the game and collect over 100 themed cosmetic items and take part in an all-new brawl mode.

The new brawl mode is essentially a Capture the Flag mode where two teams will face off on Lijiang Tower (which will be lit up by fireworks), attempting to secure the enemy flag whilst protecting their own. Players will need to come up with a strategy and create a team composition that’s built for speed and defence.

From today all Loot Boxes in the game have now been replaced with Lunar Loot Boxes offering a ton of new items including cosmetic skins for D.Va, Winston, and more. These boxes can be earned in-game or purchased and will contain at least one item from the Year of the Rooster collection.

You can check out a handful of the new skins below as well as a glimpse at the new brawl mode in the trailer.

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