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Blizzard’s hit game Overwatch is starting the new year off in style with the release of it’s newest map, Oasis, after been up on the games Publish Test Realm for sometime now giving players a chance to experience the new map. Now, it is officially live and part of the game for both PC and console players.

Oasis is a Control game-mode map that will see some new elements added to the Overwatch game. For a start, one of the areas in the map includes a number of high speed cars that will kill any and all heroes that get in their way. This is likely to lead to some brilliant moments during matches when during the heat of battle players forget the cars are there.

There is also a jump pad in another area which will see the need to control the high ground that more interesting. With characters who normally find themselves limited to the ground can now quickly get up high. I would suggest looking to hold that jump pad.

The map is a beautiful one set in a technologically advanced city that was built in the desert of Iraq. It features clean and smooth designs with a stunning use of lighting and colour. Players will find plenty of options and routes to use in battle. With a few hidden tricks surely to be developed soon as well. For those who have not seen Oasis before Blizzard released a new video showcasing the map which you can see below.

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Beyond adding a new map to the game and giving players of Overwatch yet another location to battle it out in. The new map also shows that Blizzard don’t plan to stop anytime soon with the free updates for Overwatch and continue to delivery outstanding quality content. Oasis is live right now in Overwatch for both PC and console.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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