Remember last time Game Freak held a Global Event for Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon asking players to collect 100 million Pokémon and we only collected 16 million? Well, the same thing has happened in the second mission which was apparently set up to NOT fail.

Okay, so the opening statement is somewhat false, while we did fail the mission, it turned out that it only counted Pokémon caught by those who had signed up to the Pokémon website beforehand. This next mission however required no signing up, everything could be done through your 3DS. But sadly it happened again.

Tasked with simply catching 1 million Pokémon, players only managed to catch around 661,000. Why? Well because it required another awkward and convoluted way of catching Pokémon. Rather than just counting those caught in the wild, this mission required players to catch Pokémon using the game’s Island Scan mechanic, much more fiddly way of doing so.

Of course, these missions are to encourage users to use certain functions, so it makes sense, however, surely Game Freak could have started a little hopeful by simply counting the number of Pokémon caught in the wild. Those numbers would be by the hundreds of millions! (provided they have a way of counting this number, that is).

All eyes are now on Game Freak and Pokémon to see if they can come up with a failproof mission, I mean, a third loss on the trot wouldn’t exactly be something to celebrate!

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