With another year over, it’s another installment of Pornhub’s Year in Review. While there are all sorts of wonderful, insightful, and completely NSFW stats contained in their slew of infographics, the relevant bit for us is the gaming bits eh?

Right off the bat we can see which consoles are used to browse Pornhub most frequently. 53% of all games console Pornhub browsing is done on Playstation home consoles, so the PS3 and PS4 (unfortunately we don’t have access to individual consoles numbers.) From there, 34% is done on Xbox, and only 7% on Nintendo Wii consoles. What’s particularly interesting, is in previous displays of this information, the Wii was particularly high up on the list. Remote in one hand and another in the other if yanahdimsayin? This was likely due to the incredibly high sales numbers of the original Wii console, and how as that became more outdated, most households upgraded to next gen devices that were not the Wii U.

While not exactly gaming related, Pornhub also shared some particularly interesting numbers when it came to Virtual Reality. When they launched their VR category at the start of 2016, there were only 30 videos, and by the end of the year there are now over 1,800. VR porn is more commonly preferred by men, aged 25-34, and is most popular in China.


Of additional note is the list of video game characters most searched on Pornhub. While Lara Croft sits comfortably on top as she traditionally has in these insights, Overwatch‘s mass popularity has given some dramatic competition for the rest of gaming’s greatest waifus. Tracer sits in 2nd place with over 2.4 million searches, with fellow Overwatch cast members D.Va, Mercy, Widowmaker and Sombra sitting in 4th, 6th, 7th, and 10th respectively. I am genuinely shocked that Mortal Kombat’s Mileena surpasses Tifa Lockhard of Final Fantasy by over 120,000 searches, but hey, I guess people are into acidic demonic beasts.

As far as the Top 10 most searched movie characters, 8 of them are of comic book origin, and only 4 of them are female. While this might seem odd, it makes more sense when you realize that Harley Quinn dominates the pack with over 6 million more searches than runner-up Batman. Searches for Harley Quinn spiked around Suicide Squad’s release in early August, and once again approaching Halloween.


Not sure what all we gain from all of this information, but it is truly fascinating one way or another.

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