Grab your Morphers everyone, we’ve got another glimpse at the Power Rangers movie. Slowly over the last couple of months, little droplets of information have come about the upcoming Japanese inspired superhero flick, now we have a full-on trailer showing Zord after Zord…

So far, I reckon the upcoming Power Rangers movie is going to be like Chronicle with Iron Man suits and a dose of a young adults novel.

We’ve seen some shots of the villains, including Rita Repulsa and Goldar (who is no longer a monkey in gold armour and is now literally gold). We’ve seen the Megazords and even a look at the faithful android, Alpha 5 voiced by Bill Hader.

To add to that, we get a look at the wizard in the tube, Zordon who is played by Bryan Cranston.

Now we’ve seen it all come together in the second trailer… We’ve finally seen the suits move around and maybe they won’t look that bad in motion? My fear was that heavy CGI could be a huge downfall for Power Rangers.

We see a little bit more of the Megazords too… and I’m still not sure about these designs. They feel like the Transformers from the first movie, just silvery over-designed, and kind of like an insect.

I’m still excited for this movie, even though it’s got the earmarks of ending of like a Michael Bay nostalgia adaptation – like the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I know we’ve only had a few trailers, and information on the film have seeped out in a very quiet way through eagled eyed internet people and unintentional releases.

Like Transformers, the source material has been modified to fit in the dominant film genre of the time so Power Rangers kind of feels like a Young Adult novel mixed with a superhero movie.

Power Rangers leaps into action on the March the 24, which is unusually early for a blockbuster.

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