Quote Preview – Burn the Priest

Since its initial announcement I’ve been all over Quote, a game which tells the story of a world ruled by Bliss, a nefarious being who wants to rid the world of all knowledge by burning every book and destroying every author. What I expected from the game was one of those artsy puzzle games which told a rich immersive story, however what I experienced was something very, very different.

Initially, the game seemed to be what I expected. The game’s isometric layout was gorgeously hand drawn with a Monument Valley feel to it, however you quickly learn that the game isn’t a deep story driven adventure but rather a game of oppression where the player, as Novella, a character who herself has come under rule by Bliss, literally smacks the living hell out of anyone who doesn’t listen to the blissful, yet sarcastic, overlord.

Without going into too much detail, as there is definitely a story to be experienced, Quote has the player assume the role of Novella who, along with her sidekick Tatters, a weird bird-like blob, are tasked with ridding this world of every source of knowledge so that its inhabitants live without a care – in bliss if you will. However, there are some people out there hoarding knowledge and there are Authors who insist on spreading knowledge, no matter how crude.

Quote Preview – Burn the Priest - n3rdabl3

Quote is one of those games where you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. As I mentioned, I was expecting something light, dreamy, and story rich, however I forget that it’s an Action Role Playing Game and soon enough I found myself smacking priests into fire, but not because it’s an option, because it was a literal objective. I had to actually burn the priest to progress.

I already love this game.

As it’s Early Access players currently have access to the game’s Prologue and the first two Chapters. While the Prologue has a bit of story to it, the main meat can be found within the two main Chapters. Now, as Novella and Tatters, you’re required to find who’s been running amock spreading knowledge around the land. This is done by exploring the land and finding Quotes which can be used to access certain areas. There are also items which can be found and used to meet certain conditions or trigger events to help you progress.

This is actually done in a really clever way as each item comes with a part of its own quote which will match up with something within the world. On its own it seems perfectly inconspicuous, but once you find its significant other, it all starts to make sense. It feels a lot like a point and click game at this point, but rather than just guessing combinations, once you find the right one, you get that Eurika moment.

As for the Action part of this Action RPG, players will often find themselves faced with characters who don’t want you to rid their world of knowledge, because of this they’ll do everything in their path to stop you. So there are elements of combat in the game using the right and left mouse buttons. Left click to hit, right click to push. Though this just feels like an extension to the game rather than a core part of Quote.

Quote Preview – Burn the Priest - n3rdabl3

Being an Early Access title there are unfortunately some rough edges. During my time with the game I did discover a few typos, though as it’s an early early build these will likely be corrected by time the game launches into Early Access. Quote also needs a bit of optimisation as for a game that looks barely graphics intensive, it made my PC sound like it was about to take off, though there are many graphical options to make things a little easier on your GPU, but they will of course have you miss out on the high resolution textures.

I also ran into some awkward moments when using the book throwing mechanic, which essentially lets you teleport a short distance, where Novella will be stuck in place and can’t move. However, as it’s Early Access, you can easily forgive these little hiccups, it’s all a part of the development cycle after all.

All in all, without spoiling too much, Quote was a huge surprise for me, while I expected one thing, I got something completely different and insanely enjoyable, even at this stage. I’m definitely interested in where the story goes from here.

Quote is available now in Early Access on Steam.