The Second Season of content for Rainbow Six Siege is almost upon us and Ubisoft have let the cat out of the bag a little early with a new video preview for one of the Operators coming in the Operation Velvet Shell content drop.

Although details are thin, Ubisoft has shared with us a little glimpse of Operation Velvet Shell which is set to be fully unveiled at the Six Invitational in early February. First they shared with us a trailer for Coastline, the new map coming to the game with Velvet Shell.

Now, we’ve got a new video for one of the update’s Operators, Jackal. Jackal is a member of Spain’s special forces and is a “specialist of difficult terrains,” whatever that means. Perhaps Jackal will have the ability to scale unscalable walls?

Jackal will be fully unveiled along with his other Operator partner, on February 5 during the third day of the Six Invitational. As for when the DLC will arrive, we’re unsure, though we can probably expect something in late February, early March.

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