Sci-Fi Co-op Run & Gun Roguelike Hive Jump to Leave Early Access Soon

I’ll admit I still haven’t quite gotten sick of games proclaiming that they have roguelike elements just yet – that little bit of unpredictability still helps to keep a game fresher for longer in my view. The negative side effects of that bullet point tend to get less and less noticeable the more players you bring along for the ride too, which makes the subject of this particular post intriguing.

Debuting on the Wii U before making its way to Steam Early Access last year, Hive Jump is a sci-fi themed action platformer sporting roguelike elements and packing co-op with up to four players.

Hive Jump sees players cast as members of the elite J.U.M.P. Corps, who have been tasked with destroying the hive of a hostile alien race close to wiping out humanity. Players blast their way through the procedurally generated hive, facing a number of game-changing level modifiers and swarms of aliens as they work to find treasures, rescue survivors, avoid traps, find and upgrade new weapons and more. You’ll also need to keep an eye on your “transponder backpack”, as it acts as a mobile respawn point – if it gets destroyed, you’re on your last life!

If that sounds like a laugh, Developer Graphite Lab announced today that the game will be leaving Steam Early Access on January 18th. Here’s hoping that “Strategic Campaigns” feature ends up being as cool as it sounds!

Hive Jump will leave Steam Early Access on January 18. The game will support Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

Take a look at the game’s (relatively old) Steam Early Access trailer in the video above.