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Vampires, creatures of the night who spend their time sucking the life out of their victims. Toddlers, creatures of the day who spend their time sucking the life out of their victims. They’re honestly one in the same, so it comes as no surprise that Electronic Arts decided to bring back Toddlers not too long after they launch Vampire DLC.

2017 has already been a fantastic year for fans of The Sims 4. Not only did they get some spooktacular DLC in the form of Vampires, which launches on January 24, a new update has also brought the return of the Toddler, something which was omitted from the launch of the game almost two years ago.

The Vampire DLC adds vampire Sims into the game and a brand new world called Forgotten Hollow which is a spooky night-themed area. Players will be able to give their vampire Sims normal alter-egos as well as full-on vampire personas. They’ll also have abilities like transforming into bats, as well as bite other Sims and turn those victims into vampires too. If that doesn’t seem like your thing though, vampires can also acquire their much-needed plasma from plants and other items.

So if you want to make a better love story than Twilight, now’s your chance.

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Speeking of the always-hungry life-sucking beings, Toddlers are also making a return to The Sims 4. Some of you may remember when the game was announced two years back that Maxis had made the decision to leave the little-ones out of the game.

This of course left fans upset begging for Toddlers to once again return. Now, as many have become complaisant with babies turning into full-grown adults, Maxis and Electronic Arts have brought back toddlers.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say we’ve been talking about this particular update for years,” says The Sims 4’s executive producer Lyndsay Pearson in an update post. “We just had to find the right time, resources and design to allow us to start the heavy process of actually building and bringing Toddlers to life. And believe me when I say it has been really REALLY difficult to not talk about this as we worked to get it right.”

The Toddler update is available to download right now. Vampires on the other hand, won’t be coming until January 24.

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