Steam Welcomes 2017 with New Concurrent User Record

It seems to be a reoccurring article around this time each year, but hey the PC Master Race has done it again by showing the world that PC gaming isn’t dead and that there are millions of players tuning in all at once to play video games.

Yup, in the wee small hours of this morning Steam saw a total of 14,370,167 concurrent users hop onto the platform to play games. Of those games, DOTA 2 was of course among the most popular with a total of 901,129 jumping on that one, followed of course by CS:GO.

Interestingly, in third place was the first third-party game to become one of the most played games; Grand Theft Auto V, which saw a total of 111,545 in the game at once.

That number has since dipped as it’s both late night in the States and early morning here in the UK. That being said, there are still over 9 million people playing right now, which at one point was a record in itself.