The Sun Sets on Project Titan as Alphabet Shifts Focus to Project Loon

Alphabet has confirmed to Business Insider that it’s pulling the plug on its solar-powered drone project, Project Titan. Instead, it looks like the company will be focusing more on Project Loon, the company’s solar done that hopes to bring Internet to rural locations.

Project Titan began life in 2014 when Google purchased Titan Aerospace, a firm which developed solar-powered drones. These drones were capable of flying at high altitudes for long periods of time to collect high-res images of Earth. It was presumed that Google would use this to boost its Maps offering as well as help bring Internet to rural areas (much like Project Loon).

Unfortunately it looks like that’s not the case any more as Alphabet, the now parent company of Google, has pulled the plug. Many of the staff from the Project Titan team will still be at Alphabet, but will be working on other projects at X Labs, including Project Loon and Project Wing.

In a statement, the company said that Project Loon, which hopes to put a network of Internet-connected balloons in the air to provide internet for rural areas, is a much more economical and technically feasible project.