Respawn Entertainment has unveiled their roadmap for content updates for their latest shooter, Titanfall 2, including when the new Live Fire mode will arrive, and more.

As we already know, Titanfall 2 will always have free DLC however neither Respawn or EA have detailed what’s in store for the future of the game, usually we get an announcement and the new addition arrives a few weeks later. Now, Respawn has laid it all on the table showing us exactly what’s coming over the next few months.

Live Fire, the latest game mode for the game, which Respawn unveiled a few weeks ago, will be arriving in February. From here another new map will arrive which is a remaster of Colony from the first Titanfall.

This joins the recent release of the remastered Angel City map and the Most Wanted game mode which was released before years end.

As for the future of Titanfall 2, more is to come though Respawn is yet to unveil exactly what. At this rate however it’s likely that we’ll be getting remasters of most of the maps from the original game, plus a handful of new modes, and perhaps even Titans and Pilot configurations.

We’ll see, I guess.


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