Titanfall 2’s New Multiplayer Mode Gives you One Minute to Eliminate the Enemy

Respawn Entertainment has unveiled the first free game mode update for its Titan shooter, Titanfall 2, which is set to shake up how we play multiplayer games by giving players only a minute to fight.

The first brand new game mode coming to Titanfall is called Live Fire and is a fast-paced Pilot-only mode which gives you one task: eliminate the enemy team. With no respawns it sounds like Search & Destroy but without the bomb, however, where things differ drastically is that you only have one minute to take the enemy team out.

In addition, if teams manage to stay alive for the whole sixty seconds, the team holding the neutral flag when the timer ends will be declared the winner.

So basically, it’s a Team Deathmatch / Capture the Flag hybrid which gives you a minute to get your wits about you.

With the new game mode, two brand new maps will also be incoming designed specifically for Live Fire: Stacks and Meadow. These will be playable only in the Live Fire playlist and they’re super closed-in and tight, meaning you’ve got to stay on the move and watch your back at all times.

Elsewhere, this upcoming update will also introduce a brand new Coliseum map called Columns as well as another Pilot execution, and finally a handful of new Commander intros for each Faction.


Sadly we’re yet to receive a release date for this content, though we can expect even more information in the coming weeks as well as a full roadmap of how Respawn Entertainment plan to support the game in the coming months. Oh and more classic map remasters are on the way too!