Ubisoft Details the Division Update 1.6 and The Last Stand Expansion

The Division is about to get it’s third DLC package and it looks to be huge! Titled “The Last Stand” it will focus primarily on PvP combat. The Last Stand content will contain a new game mode, pitting two teams of agents against each other in a domination style game. It’ll also launch on all platforms simultaneously, no more Xbox One exclusivity.

The Last Stand will also be bringing with it an extension to the Dark Zone. Introducing DZ 7, 8 and 9 to the north/northeast of the existing dark zone. Sadly the area doesn’t include parts of Central Park as fans would like but it’s set to be awesome regardless. The new DZ sectors will almost double the existing area, focusing on close quarters combat going room to room inside building and across the rooftops of Manhattan.

The streets will be crammed with garbage and smouldering wrecks, lending a dark aesthetic to the area and claustrophobic street battles. Accessible from DZ6, the areas are full contiguous, requiring no checkpoints to enter or exit the additional zones.

Ubisoft Details the Division Update 1.6 and The Last Stand Expansion - n3rdabl3

The Last Stand game mode will queue two teams of 8 agents against each other in objective based play. Teams will battle to control 3 command points that each house 3 sub-objectives. Completing the set objectives flip the command point to your team and earn points.

There are fortifications available around the areas to help defend and secure them against the enemy agents, activated by acquiring SHD Tech from defeated enemies. The opposing team will appear as rogue agents but that’s just for visuals, the rogue mechanic doesn’t apply to Last Stand matches.

The instanced version of the Dark Zone will be split into 4 different map regions to fight on, rotating round after each match. DZ 1-3, 4-6, 7-8 and 8-9 respectively. Last Stand matches will last up to 20 minutes, long enough for all kinds of hell to break loose.

Agents in the session will be able to spawn near a captured point by selecting a spot from the map (as opposed to the usual list). After a set point in the game, agents will begin spawning near their teammates automatically. This makes wiping out a squad crucial to victory over a point and instantly increase combat intensity.

Ubisoft Details the Division Update 1.6 and The Last Stand Expansion - n3rdabl3

Last Stand won’t just feature PvP combat, the usual enemies and landmarks will still be roaming the map as well. Uncaptured control points will be guarded by these enemies, dropping SHD Tech for use later. Agents home bases can be fortified with turrets and a pulse beacon to help defend it from the opposition.

Tactical boost stations can be operated after a set period to help bestow bonuses upon you and your friends. However their duration are limited and can be recaptured after expiration. These boosts can be crucial in turning the tide but require SHD tech to use, meaning you will need to keep constantly acquiring it throughout.

The Last Stand will bring a collection of shiny new vanity items and weapon skins, exclusively unlocked by completing matches and gaining ranks. Last Stand ranks will be gained by completing matches and other actions within the match. These ranks will help with matchmaking and are rewarded with sealed loot caches similar to The Underground and Survival. Rank cap is 40 but continuing to earn xp will work in the same way Field Proficiency.

The new DLC will launch with the 1.6 Update, bringing additional changes to the game. The new additions will not include a new world tier, and the gear score limit remains at 256. Along with the expansion to the Dark Zone, landmarks will spawn multiple waves of enemies and clearing them will reward loot straight to the player, not requiring extraction. Players will also be able to fast travel between DZ Checkpoints, however any unextracted loot will be destroyed in the process.

Contamination events where large piles of infected bodies have been stored in various places. Cleaners have been doing their thing and lighting everything on fire. Every hour a wave of elite Cleaners will spawn in various heavily contaminated locations. Eradicating them will supply great rewards, however the virus levels present are able to overcome filters, requiring agents to keep a close eye on their health bar.

Ubisoft Details the Division Update 1.6 and The Last Stand Expansion - n3rdabl3

Dark Zone leaderboards are also being introduced with 1.6. These leaderboards will track various different actions within DZ play, being reset weekly and monthly. These resets will offer better rewards for higher scores as expected.

The changes aren’t all DZ focused. Times Square, WarrenGate Power Plant and Napalm Production Site have been given a Legendary difficulty mode. These missions will feature advanced LMB units who utilise hard hitting tactics that adapt to players, keeping you on your toes. Not only will you be facing advanced LMB but also a variety of named enemies will be joining the roster with their own advanced tactics. Legendary missions will carry their own sets of exclusive vanity items as well!

Named items are being designated Exotic items in order to help identify them upon drop and within inventories. Along with this designation the items will be given their own descriptions and item backgrounds. They will also gain their own unique talents complementing the other rolled talents present on the weapons. Exotic weapon sets are also being added where two exotic weapons will synergise with their partners, unlocking bonus talents. Exotic caches can be obtained as a weekly reward for completing legendary missions and guarantee an exotic item.

There are a number of changes being made to existing gear sets such as AlphaBridge, Reclaimer and Frontline. Reclaimer 4-set bonus will now allow all support station mods to be operated simultaneously, instrumental in the higher difficulty missions. A new gear set called SEEKR is being added, its bonuses focusing on body shots and combos, perfect for those who prefer to spray and pray.

There will also be some huge changes coming to the game meta by changing Armour from being a major attribute on gear. This means that health will be based more on stamina and health stats. This shift will allow wider customisation in player build and will drastically change damage mechanics. Skill power will now have a huge impact on healing and damage dealing.

There are more changes coming along with the ones listed above but as you can see, 1.6 is going to be a huge update. It will have some drastic and far reaching effect with many of the game mechanics. There will also be a new Incursion being added but details on it are scarce at this time!

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