In just two short weeks, a year’s worth of Hitman content will be coming together in one complete package in the form of “Hitman – The Complete First Season”.

Hitman – The Complete First Season will come with all seven missions: the Prologue, France, Italy, Morocco, Thailand, USA and Japan, as well as all of the Escalation Contracts, Challenges, Opportunities and Contracts that have been created by the community. In addition, all of the upcoming Elusive Targets will be included in the package.

If that wasn’t all, the Complete First Season will also include added extras such as three bonus missions, including the Summer Bonus Episode, as well as the new upcoming Landslide mission. A soundtrack will be included too along with a “making of” documentary, and the Hitman Requiem Blood Money Pack.

Of course, for some, this is their first Hitman game for quite a while, so in order to get up to speed, Square Enix has released a brand new 101 Trailer to get players acquainted with the game.

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HITMAN – The Complete First Season will release on disc on January 31 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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