VR Concept Game Jam to Begin in February

VRFocus Ltd. is continuing collaborating with The VR Concept to present a brand new event. VRFocus Presents The VR Concept Game Jam will take place at The Four Thieves pub in Battersea, UK and will challenge those present to create a multiplayer VR project within 24 hours.

HTC Vive will be sponsoring the event where participants are tasked with creating a unique multiplayer VR experience. The final projects should be simple enough for a newcomer to grasp easily but immersive and competitive.

The winning project will go on to be demonstrated across London and Brighton from a selection of Laine’s pubs. The winner dev team will also earn a share of the proceeds from the attendees as well as taking home a shiny new HTC Vive system.

The contest is set to begin Monday, Feb 6, where pariticipants will be given a central theme for their interpretation. Their finished project should be delivered 24hrs later and the winning team will receive an exclusive contract with The VR Concept to aid further projects and developments.

Applications to join the event are free and open now here.