VR Monster Awakens Lets Players Become a Kaiju

I’ve only ever tried VR as part of various demos at conventions, but I find that one thing they always do very well is make you powerless before what’s in front of you, heightening the awe of the scene. One of my favourite examples of this comes from an Oculus Rift demo where a T-Rex comes around the corner of a huge museum hallway, which I will admit caused a little bit of instinctual “Oh gosh run for your life” fight-or-flight in me for a moment. Another example would be that short, yet brilliant Godzilla VR demo released for the PlayStation VR to advertise Godzilla Resurgence.

On that note, wouldn’t it be great if there was a VR game where you’re the one inspiring fear and awe and not the other way round?

Luckily enough, developers FIGHT4DREAM Limited might HTC Vive users covered on that front, as they’ve announced the functionally titled VR Monster Awakens, a Vive-enabled VR game that casts you as a kaiju and tasks you with doing what giant monsters do best – destroying everything in sight. Here’s a new trailer to show off what you’ll be doing.

Players will be able to take on a variety of game modes including Arcade, Sandbox and a variety of Party Game modes, face a variety of opponents from soldiers to heavy weapons and beyond, shoot a familiar death beam from their mouths, eat civilians and more, all in VR.

As VR experiences go, I’d dare say if they can make sure the building destruction is as satisfying as possible, FIGHT4DREAM could have a pretty decent hit on their hands.

VR Monster Awakens is available on Steam Early Access, priced at £9.99.