Before the new year rolled in Crytek was once again having financial issues causing most of its staff to be unpaid for a number of months. The company did reveal that it planned to close studios and refocus in 2017. Now, it looks as if we know the results of some of this refocusing as Crytek’s free-to-play shooter, Warface, has today announced its new publisher, My.com.

In a blog post over on the Warface website, the company announced that come February Warface will be published by My.com in North America and Europe. My.com is currently the publisher of Warface in Russia and other CIS countries.

“This transition allows us to focus further on developing, supporting, and evolving the game and our commitment to serving the community by making Warface the best it can be remains absolute,” the post reads. “As ever, development never stops on Warface and there is an expanded roadmap of exciting content, updates, and community events lined up for the months and years ahead. Players playing on the Turkish server are unaffected by this transition and Crytek will continue to publish Warface in Turkey.”

What this means for players who currently play using their Crytek accounts is that they’ll need to migrate them from Crytek to My.com, details on how to do this will be unveiled soon. The migration should bring players’ rewards, items, achievements, and in-game currency over to My.com, provided the process goes smoothly.

Other than the migration, the Warface team expects things to remain uninterrupted as they plan for an exciting 2017.

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