Why Marvel Comics are so Good for Adaptations

It was just the other day I was thinking about Marvel and video games. It’s an interesting fusion of comics and games when you think about it.

If you’ve been following things on social media, we were promised a big Marvel announcement, and yesterday it arrived, detailed in the trailer below. You can also check out the official details surrounding the announcement right here.

Using the Marvel Roster for fighting games work, presuming this game could be a fighting game, it’s totally varied and wide spanning. You’ve got mutants, dudes in armour, and guys and girls with super powers.

Spider-man works as a sandbox game because most his adventures take place in a specific area of New York. Marvel Ultimate Alliance works as an RPG/beat em up, because the Marvel universe has loads of bad guys you can beat up – though X-Men Legends 2 has a special place in my heart.

As if Marvel and comic book fans weren’t getting enough stuff at the cinema.

I guess the key thing that makes Marvel such a strong component for adapting into any form of media is the huge universe you have. I mean isn’t that the strength of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; the huge variety of stuff that all works together?

You’ve got the spy stuff with Captain America, the magic nonsense of Thor and the monster mash-up of the Hulk. A bunch of different genres coming together and working together in tandem, like different things foods on a plate.

Then you’ve got the huge range of stories, nearly 50 years worth of stories to choose from, to be specific. It’s easy for adaptation because so much of the work has been done.

Have you got an established audience? Yes. Does the general public have an understanding? Yes. People get the simple superheroes formula… Secret identity, special powers, and empowerment fantasy.

Do you have any existing stories to build a script around? Yes. Can it be done on the cheap in various low-budget locations? Yes. A lot of Marvel stories take place in New York, and a lot of Spider-man stories take place on the streets.

Finally have we got enough visuals to work with? Yes. So there you go. That’s what I think makes Marvel Comics so adaptable. Like it or lump it.