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While the rumoured Windows 10 Game Mode has been floating around for some time now, Microsoft has finally confirmed its existence, though you may have a bit of a wait on your hands until you can really maximise your PC’s performance while playing games.

In brief, the Windows 10 Game Mode, when it eventually arrives, will prioritise games over other applications, essentially putting all of your PC’s power into delivering a better gameplay experience, rather than running iTunes and other apps in the background.

Windows 10 Gaming Mode is apparently coming as part of Insider previews this week, though the improvements won’t be fully functional until later releases, but at least the company has revealed a few more details as to what this mode will involve.

Microsoft has revealed that the Windows 10 Game Mode won’t be reserved just for Universal Windows Platform apps, but legacy Windows games (Win32) too, which is a welcome addition to hardcore PC gaming folk.

In addition to the Windows 10 Game Mode, in the months ahead players on both Windows 10 and Xbox One will be getting the Beam livestreaming platform allowing players to share whatever they’re playing live on the web. There’ll be a dedicated Guide with quick access to various features on the Xbox One, as well as other various improvements.

Of course, PC gamers who want to squeeze the most out of their PC are likely holding out for the Windows 10 Game Mode more than anything. Unfortunately there seems to be no solid timeline for when the Creators Update (which Game Mode is included) will arrive.

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