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The developers over at Bossa Studios have been beavering away at a brand new MMO, Worlds Adrift. For anyone who doesn’t know, Worlds Adrift takes inspiration from LoZ:Wind Waker and Skies of Arcadia. Two classic games praised for their exploration and huge worlds.

Skies saw you taking control of Vyse and the Blue Rogues piloting the Delphinus collecting Moonstones and fighting bad guys. You were sky pirates. It was amazing. One of the best RPGs of its era. Airships and pirates, flying around visiting floating islands mysteriously kept aloft from the surface world far below.

Wind Waker let you step into the shoes of Link, a little toonier, and save the great sea from Gannondorf and his evil doings. This meant you had to travel from island to island across (surprisingly) a great. Vast areas of calm seas and stunning visuals backed up by a beautiful soundtrack.

So combine the two. Sky pirates, airships and floating islands across massive expanses. Awesome art style and a beautiful sound track along with it. Then add in grappling hooks, airships and multiplayer mayhem? You’ve got yourself Worlds Adrift.

Worlds Adrift allows you to custom build your own airships, crew them with your friends and then take to the skies. You can do whatever you like within the game. Piloting the airships through the storm walls in order to find unexplored lands and isles, battling the giant sky manta rays or even boarding and robbing other players.

In order to build your ship you need to lay a Shipyard beacon somewhere on solid ground. Accessing this allows you to begin designing the superstructure of the ship. You can save blueprints of your favourite ship designs to reincarnate fallen vessels if necessary. Once the outline of the hull has been decided, you can apply resources, like wood and ore, to the structure. Watching the ship take shape is really something. You and your crewmates can apply decking and weapons platforms, as much or as little shielding as you like and really make the ship your own.

Once it’s ready for take off, hop on board with your grappling tether, weigh anchor (sky anchor I guess?) and of you go! The sky is no longer the limit! The full game is going to contain thousands of different islands to explore. Some community created (more on this in a bit) and some staff made. These islands will have loot, lore and all kinds of interesting things to discover and find.

Unearthing the lore of Worlds Adrift is one of the major appeals to the game. Searching ancient ruins of civilisations past to discover what lead to the land rupturing and being flung skyward. Discovering the history of the game is something Bossa are keeping very close to their chest at this time.

As mentioned above, community made islands will be introduced to the game. This is being done via the Worlds Adrift Island Creator available on Steam. This easy to use world building tool allows you to sculpt your own personal islands and test them out. You can share your creations with other players to investigate and play with as well. A really awesome tool. What better way to make a couple thousand islands quickly than getting passionate fans to build tonnes of them for you? Worlds the players would like to explore and use themselves. Building your own private pirate island is literally a reality in with this editor.

Some of the best community designed maps have been featured a number of times in Bossa’s regular twitch streams. Used to showcase new tweaks and design changes as well as new features and show how development is progressing.

Bossa Studio’s community interaction has been absolutely incredible. It shows how passionate they are for this game. They’re constantly bringing the community onboard to help shape the game they adore into the game their fans are going to love. Such a high level of communication to and from the development team paints a very encouraging picture for the future of Worlds Adrift.

Worlds Adrift is being scheduled for launch in 2017. A more specific date is yet to be announced however alpha testing is moving along swiftly.

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