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With the retraction of the Worlds Adrift Non-Disclosure Agreement, we thought it would be the perfect time to interview one of the alpha testers. Arran, known as Vick_Viper89 on the Worlds Adrift forums and game, obliged us in answering a few questions.

For more information about World’s Adrift, you can head over to our latest post right here.

n3rdabl3: What first attracted you to Worlds Adrift?

“It was a PC Gamer article that first had my interest in the game and immediately it clicked with me as something I would want to be a part of. My two favourite games are Skies of Arcadia and The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker. I always remembered the hours I spent playing with ragdolls and grapple physics like old flash game Ninja ropes, so the combination of all these aspects made the game resonate with me. Instantly I saw the influences and potential in the project. As I started following the games progress I saw how Bossa interacted with the growing community with videos and blogs on how they were internally. It really sold me on them as a studio as well, they seem like an incredibly passionate team that just love what they do. On their website they state “Bored people create boring games” so it really shows that they are having a lot of fun to make a game that has the potential to change a lot of perceptions about the MMO sandbox genre.”

n3: You’ve taken part in a couple of playtests and are a part of the closed alpha, how do you feel the game is progressing from a player’s viewpoint?

“Although the game is still in an alpha form its already shaping up to be a very playable game to me having spent over 60 hours on it. Bossa Studios have been extremely transparent in their development. It’s a real relief for people that have been stung by incomplete early access titles and games like No Mans Sky, where an ambitious project falls far from the mark due to hype in something that hasn’t been seen or played yet. Here we have a studio that has torn up the NDA before even the end of the alpha phases and I think they did a good thing in doing so. The game currently is in such a state where I have been very easily able to sink hours upon hours in this even incomplete form, so I have high hopes for the future of Worlds Adrift and have a firm, and I think deserved, trust sunk into Bossa Studios.”

n3: What to you is the most fun part of the game?

“Currently my favourite part of the game is in ship design. Not just making them but seeing what other people who are maybe more creative than I am can do with the system. I’ve seen some really cool ship designs and have made a couple of interesting ones myself and even in its testing phase it is such a fun thing to be able to do. To sink hours into creating something like this, the resource gathering, the crafting of the frame even the panelling make for an experience that is not only fun, but leaves you with something at the end of it that you have worked towards building and something that you find yourself growing very attached to quickly.”

n3: What features would you most like to see added that aren’t there already?

“I’m most looking forward to the melee combat to go into the game. I think that the fact it isn’t already in is a testament to the fact that it won’t be a simple system. In fact, it would go against Bossa’s mission statement to do it the normal way, no point and clicking for us. There’s not been much word as to how it will turn out but, I think we are all excited to see what is in store for it.”

n3: Are we any closer to finding out a release date, or an open beta?

“The game was supposed to release into early access at the end of 2016 but after some setbacks and a very impassioned community thread imploring Bossa to take their time and not push out release if it’s not ready for it they decided to push back release to quarter 1, 2017. It’s a very strange thing to see a community banding together to get the game delayed but it really shows not only the passion of the community to help make this game the phenomenal experience it can be but it shows how much they are listening to us and taking on board what we think. it’s also another reason to trust that they will do everything they can to make Worlds Adrift as great as it has the potential to be.”

n3: Have you got any memorable moments of something spectacular or ridiculous happening that you’d like to share?

“Mainly playing with other people. One of our ships, called The Oreo, was built by me and two others. It was a hell of a lot of fun to collaborate on something like that and to fly it around with a couple of people you can trust. I feel like that’s going to be a big thing in the game, with the alliance system. People are already grouping up and making friends within the community. A lot of people are going to be flying together as well as solo.”

It’s clear to see that even in the early stages of development that Bossa Studios are listening to their fanbase and to their testers. As you can see from Arran’s responses, it goes a long way to helping build that trust and rapport with their fans. He was kind enough to share some of his gameplay screenshots that you can see above. All of the islands shown were fan made using the Worlds Adrift Island Creator, and selected to feature in the game itself.

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