In the world of childhood building block toys you’ve got LEGO, then you’ve got Mega Bloks, while they’re both pretty much the same toy you loved one and hated the other. However, unlike LEGO, Mega Bloks has jumped on the video game hype offering licensed sets based on HALO, Call of Duty, and even Assassin’s Creed.

This weekend footage emerged of a now-cancelled HALO Mega Bloks game, while many were unsure of its legitimacy, HALO boss Bonnie Ross confirmed that the game, codenamed Haggar, was in development and only ever made it into the prototype stage.

“Over the past few days, footage has recently made the rounds of an exploratory Xbox 360 project we worked on several years ago, known as ‘Haggar.’ Since then, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from the community. Haggar was something we prototyped with our friends at Mega Bloks that focused on the elements of action, exploration and user creativity found within the Halo universe. Haggar had a lot of fun ideas and invention behind it, but ultimately didn’t progress beyond the early prototyping levels that are shown in the recent video.

“This is just one example of several similar projects we have evaluated throughout the years–a process that we continue exploring on an ongoing basis.”


That being said, more footage of the prototype have since surfaced thanks to Andrew Borman of Preserve Gaming History, who released the initial footage, all of which you can see below:

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Borman also revealed that the developer at the time, the now defunct N-Space, had worked on the game for 10 months, and it looked like the developer had a contract with Microsoft for the game. Borman also went into details around the cancellation of the game, all of which you can see in the video above.

While a Mega Bloks HALO game isn’t in the works, Ross previously said that that they’re receiving requests for a HALO game that appeals to a younger audience, so maybe something like this could come in the future?

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