Yooka-Laylee has Gone Gold, Formally Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Despite Playtonic Games announcing that it had cancelled development of Yooka-Laylee on the Wii U and was “looking to transfer” development to the Nintendo Switch, the developer had yet to actually confirm that it would be coming to Nintendo’s new console.

Now, along with the announcement that the game has now gone gold, Playtonic Games have announced that it’s officially coming to the Nintendo Switch. In a Kickstarter Backer Update, Playtonic announced that it’s coming to the console and backers should make final selections on their platform.

Those who opted for a Wii U version of the game have a handful of options including changing to a Switch download copy. However Playtonic are yet to offer a release date on the Switch version saying that more details are promised “in the future”.


As for whether there’ll be a physical copy of the game for the Switch remains to be seen. Understandably it’s early days as the developer only revealed that the Wii U version was cancelled back in December, so it comes as no surprise that things are still in the works for the Switch.