Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 have unveiled a brand new trailer for their upcoming hardcore RPG, The Surge, which makes your bad day at the office look like a stubbed toe.

The Surge WHICH IS YET TO GET A RELEASE DATE (come on Focus Home…), will see players face the aftermath of a horrible accident which turns the factory of CREO, a company fighting against climate change, into a labyrinth of undead exo-suit wearing foes and electronic monstrosities. Or something like that.

Basically, shit’s fucked and equipped with their modular exo-suit players must do all they can to survive while at the same time salvaging and tearing off the body parts of their foes to increase their own bad-ass arsenal.

Check it out:

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The Surge is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One at some point this year.

The good news is that Focus Home plan to unveil more information about The Surge on February 1-2 at “le What’s Next de Focus”, an annual event where the company showcases its upcoming release slate.

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