A Normal Lost Phone Review

A Normal Lost Phone is a simple little game where you find an unlocked phone. The idea is that you uncover the truth of the background of the person carrying the phone and how it came to be lost.

The story you discover is that of a young man called Samuel. It tackles a lot of sensitive topics as Sam comes to grips with his sexuality and personality. I’m not going to say anything more for story reasons. The game is all about story. It’s short but the story can suck you in quite easily. Discovering the truth of what happened to Sam and his phone unravels pretty swiftly.

As you uncover new information and leads on where to go the plot comes together beautifully. Being a written word game the writing is incredibly important. It’s incredibly well done. It handles itself brilliantly and gives a great insight into a person’s mind who may be struggling with such internal conflicts. The development of Sam’s character and mental strife comes to fruition right at the end of the game when you discover his Diary. Hidden so you can only find it towards the end, it solves alot of questions unanswered from previous events.

One thing that is really quite frustrating however is you find this phone, with a number of people trying to find young Sam. You can’t reply to let them know you found his phone, nor can you tell them what you find. I suppose its a good thing that you can’t and don’t given events that transpire. It’s a minor gripe but still, if you found someone’s phone, wouldn’t that be the first thing you did?

Anyways, the story is incredibly well versed and the pacing is perfect. The puzzles aren’t exactly challenging but mildly numbing. You won’t be spending time scratching your head but rather trawling through data looking for the right piece to fit.

A Normal Lost Phone is short but very sweet. It will suck you in like any mystery novel and draw you along to the end quite easily. It’s well written and handles the sensitive nature of Sam’s self-discovery quite nicely. Graphically it’s nice and simple but you don’t need fancy visuals for this style of story-telling. The music you have access too is really quite beautiful, especially the pieces composed by Sam himself.

All in all it’s a sweet little game, everything ties together nicely. It’s a good way to kill a little time if you’re looking for a short story to uncover.

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