Here’s Why we Need a Transformers Fighting Game

Optimus Prime usually says “’till all are one! but after a scrap in a heat of rage he’d probably say, “’till all are not none!” Well, that’s something he should say, especially if he was in a Transformers fighting game.

So here’s the question: Why would a Transformers fighting game work? We’ll you’ve got the huge cast of characters, something that you usually need for a fighting game. I mean, check out the roster for Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, each cast could easily populate a small city – a very violent city that would be of course.

With Transformers you’ve got the G1 Characters, Dinobots, and Micromasters and with all the different incarnations, you have no shortage of skins that you can use for a DLC Bundle.

When you take a moment to think about it, the Transformers spend most of their time fighting each other anyway, so they must be pretty good at hand to hand combat. Think of all the epic hand to hand brawls that Megatron and Optimus have had?

You’re probably thinking by now; but most decent fighting games have characters that know martial arts like the staple fighting games, Tekken and even Dragon Ball Z. Well don’t worry, we’ve got some robotic sounding martial arts that Bumblebee and Jazz could roll out against the likes of Thundercracker and Starscream. These include Circuit-Su, Diskmaster and Jet Judo.

Of course, it wouldn’t end with just hand to hand combat, the Transformers are known for using gigantic laser beams to blow each other way. Though if they don’t fancy shooting someone, you’ve got weapons like the Star Saber and the trusty axe that Optimus Prime swears by.

Also, imagine a finisher that involves your character Transforming into vehicle mode and finishing off your enemy? Or being supported by mega-sized Transformers Omega Supreme or Devastator stepping on your opponent to deliver that final fatal blow? Or if we shrunk things down, what if Spike Witwicky came racing in garbed in his Transforming suit?

You also have some crossover potential with over giant related media, like Gundam, that’d work (I remember a fighting game for the PS1?) or even the Titans from Attack on Titan?

This is why I think there needs to be a Transformers fighting game. Come on Hasbro.

  • Will

    This is a transformers fighting gane your retard its called transformers forged to fight

    • Forged to Fight is a mobile game that’s currently in beta. The sort of game Josh is writing about is one similar to Street Fighter / Mortal Kombat / Injustice.

  • Will

    There is a transformers fighting game Its called transformers forged to fight

    • That game is kind of hybrid of different genres. I was thinking more of a straight up fighting game for consoles and PC.