State of Decay 2 Concept Art Reminds us That it’s Coming

Undead Labs might be hard at work developing the next instalment into the State of Decay series, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing concept art for State of Decay 2 to keep us that little bit interested.

For the past month, Undead Labs has been releasing concept art for State of Decay 2 giving us a little reminder that the game is coming, and what to expect when it does. While it’s just concept art, each has come with its own story and own meaning hoping to give us some insight as to some of the things we’ll experience while playing the game.

The first, which saw a series of teasers on Twitter was posted last month on Undead Labs’ own website:

“I asked Doug, our art director, what the purpose of this piece was. He told me this was an early concept, while we were trying to work out just how gritty and dilapidated the world of SoD2 was going to be,” explained Sanya Weathers, community lead for Undead Labs.

From here the concept art kept rolling in with another demonstrating how base building will once again become an important part to the game, especially for newcomers to the series.

“The story behind this image is really the story of how games are made. The team bringing State of Decay 2 to the world is bigger than it was the first time, and not all of the new people knew the game as intimately as you all know it,” Explained Undead Labs. “We needed something that would illustrate how base building means the people in our world are responsible for their own survival. It needed to make the act of choosing to grow food into something inspiring. What do you think, does this picture do the job?”

The next concept art release was a two-for-one as Undead Labs’ wanted to show off how the world differs from day to night. While those familiar with the game are pretty well acquainted with these changes, the art certainly reminds us that it’s better to stay indoors at night:

“Here’s the story behind this week’s image. Not every piece of concept art directly represents something that is in the game. This is a very early piece back when we were working out what a slightly more urban environment might look like, and you shouldn’t expect to see it verbatim. What you can expect to see is what we we’re really doing, which was figuring out what our colors should be under various lighting conditions. It was rigged specifically so we could play with different levels of night and day. In fact, there are two versions of this exact piece. This one is rigged for day, and the other is rigged for night.”

Finally we have the latest concept art release, this time offering a moment of tranquillity. You see in State of Decay it wasn’t always about destroying the undead and fighting to survive. There were these odd moments of peace, away from it all where you could take in the environment. This latest art is a capture of those exact moments:

“Sometimes the story is a simple one. When we asked Art Director Doug what the purpose behind this week’s concept art was, he just said, “That one was really a mood piece more than anything. State of Decay has always tried to emphasize the quiet moments and the beauty from a still world. It helps punctuate the moments when things go ….bad.”

Unfortunately State of Decay 2 is yet to get a proper release date, though we’re really hoping that it’s some time this year.