Steep’s Alaska DLC Gets Delayed, Yetis to Blame.

Steep’s free Alaska DLC has been delayed and is expected to be released in 2 weeks. The free DLC package set to expand the range of mountains was set to be released over the weekend (February 11).

Reasons for the delay are mostly speculation at the moment, however a leak suggests the delay comes after a series of governmental cutbacks leading to office security going on strike. This in turn lead to a wild Yeti breaking in and sneaking itself into the games’ base code. Ubisoft Devs are working hard at hunting down the errant code however they’re calling it this century’s Bigfoot. Don’t expect anything soon.

Seriously though, the reason for the delay remains unknown however Ubisoft have issued a statement:

Our teams are always committed to bringing the best experience possible to all players. With this in mind, we are postponing the launch of our Alaska free game update to Feb 24th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.”

So unfortunately we’re going to have to wait to get our hands on the new challenges and drops. One thing is for sure though, it’s going to be awesome when we do!

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