Why G.I. Joe Should be a Fighting Game

G.I. Joe may have not have made a huge splash over here in the UK, though I do reckon it’d make a cracking good fighting game. Dare I say it, it could be as good as Street Fighter?

If you’re wondering why I mixed G.I. Joe and Street Fighter up in the same sentence, it’s reference to that fun and pretty whacky crossover series that IDW published last year.

Or I might be even making reference to those very dated Street Fighter and G.I. Joe toy adverts that were floating around during the very early 90s.

Either way, I reckon a fighting game for consoles and PC based on the vast G.I. Joe franchise would be pretty solid.

Think about it, you’ve got the vast collection of characters you usually need for a fighting game. You’ve got dozens of different G.I. Joe characters. You’ve astronauts, divers, pilots, ninjas and scientists. Plenty for the DLC releases.

I mean Action-Man could roll up, and since you’ve had so many different incarnations you’ve got plenty of different skins. They’ve been anime characters, live action, and even draw in many different ways in American comics.

Also, I reckon everyone’s favourite character, Snake Eyes would probably be the Noob Saibot (Mortal Kombat) of this dream franchise.

For the Cobra Roster, you’ve got cartoon-ish evil doctors, snake monsters, garishly dressed foot soldiers, and even a whole bunch of evil bikers accompanied by their very own ninjas. Also, a vast majority of the characters are trained in hand to hand combat and are proficient with weapons, since most of the characters are elite soldiers.

The primary weapon of a soldier, is of course a gun, so the easiest way to get around the end-all nature of a gun it have all the rifles and handguns replaced with laser cannons. I mean it’s worked for nearly every Saturday morning cartoon ever.

Maybe I am being a bit ambitious about this being its own game. Maybe it you did a Marvel vs Capcom style game with Street Fighter and G.I. Joe? I mean who wants to see Ryu vs Snake Eyes?