Ultimate Chicken Horse Coming to Xbox One, PS4, Switch

Clever Endeavour games has just announced that their adorable farm animal slaying simulator Ultimate Chicken Horse will be arriving on consoles later this year in Q3 of 2017. In addition to Xbox One and PS4, the game will also launch on Nintendo Switch as well.

Ultimate Chicken Horse pits up to four players in a race to get to the end of a stage that they have all worked together to create. Inspired by H.o.r.s.e., players grab random bits and bobs out of the Party Box and slapping them into the stage. You can fill it with death traps and make it incredibly difficult for your enemies to make it to the end, whilst simultaneously making it possible for you to complete as well.

The console release of Ultimate Chicken Horse will launch alongside an update introducing a new mode in which players can create fully-functional levels from start to finish as opposed to individual blocks and traps.

Check out the latest trailer below: