First Trailer for Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Released

It feels like an entire DC retcon-ago that Teen Titans: The Judas Contract was supposed to be coming out and all of sudden it has resurfaced with a huge bang.

It was almost ten years ago when talks that Judas Contract was going to get an animated adaptation. It was roughly aroung the time the Teen Titans animation was wrapping up, so it seemed perfect. Dedicated fans of the show were keeping the spirit of the show alive with discussion of the movie.

Then it all went dark as DC has another change of heart about its plans.

See the cancelled Flash game, the bunch of Superman movie scripts that never saw the light of day, and the Nightwing animation that the Avatar production team were going to produce.

Now that DC’s Animated Movie Universe is killing it, unlike its live action counterpart, The Judas Contract is back on and takes place in the newly established animated universe. It tells a tale which originally told the origin story of longtime Teen Titans foe, Deathstroke and the shocking reveal of a traitor in their midst, though if you watch the trailer carefully, you may be able to guess who the traitor is.

Also, bad guy organisation H.I.V.E is up to no good and they need The Teen Titans to get rid.

If you’ve ever watched a long-running TV show that has a traitor in its midst, you’ll get it pretty quickly. It won’t be the most accurate portrayal since this roster of Teen Titans is loosely based on the Young Justice Cartoon which is also coming back. It’s for sure that DC is really capitalising on the success of their animation with a bright future ahead with many more projects hopefully on hand.

Will the bad guys win? Not likely, but check it all out on April 18 when it launches straight to Blu-Ray/DVD.