Happy Fourth Birthday to Ten Year Old RuneScape!

Bear with me here, Old School RuneScape, the re-launched version of the 2007 version of the fifteen year-old MMORPG will turn four years old this year. That’s right, a ten year old version of a game that’s fifteen years old has just turned four.

Confused? I know I am. But let’s not dwell on complications let’s celebrate as February, 2017 marks the fourth anniversary of the launch of Old School RuneScape, a game that hopes to rekindle your nostalgic flame for an RPG that we all played at least once in our youth.

To celebrate Old School RuneScape will see a number of in-game celebrations, a handful of new world servers being added to the game “for its increasing player base” (what?!), and the announcement of its next eSports tournament.

Since its relaunch in February 2013, Old School RuneScape has steadily been improving with a number of additions to expand the nostalgic RPG including new quests and more. The game currently sees hundreds of thousands of players jumping into the vintage MMO on a daily basis too, which is just bizarre.

In-game celebrations are currently underway and will see players put on their party hats and party-on-down with iconic characters such as Party Pete (naturally) and King Roald, and also receive birthday-themed rewards.

Finally, Jagex has announced that Deadman Invitational 5, the first of this year’s tournaments, is now open for registration. This tournament will see hardcore players fight to the death with a 2000:1 chance of survival. If they do survive however, they have the chance to secure $10,000 in prize money.