Cities: Skylines is Coming to Xbox One, Windows 10

Incredibly complex yet rewarding city builder, Cities: Skylines, is coming to consoles and Windows 10 Store later this year, Paradox Interactive has announced.

Cities: Skylines – Xbox One Edition has been optimised for controllers by Tantalus Media, bringing the game to a completely new audience this Spring. Players can expect much of the same gameplay found in the PC version of the game, with the ability to manage everything from towns to cities. In addition, the Xbox One and Windows 10 editions will also include Cities: Skylines – After Dark, the game’s first expansion.

So how exactly is this going to work on Xbox One? Well, the press release doesn’t really go into too much detail, which is disappointing. However, in a brand new trailer it looks as if console players will be able to use a much broader paint tool to build roads, dwellings, and businesses.

Check it out:

While you’re all probably still in wonder as to how this game could possibly work on Xbox One, I’m here celebrating. Bringing popular city management games to console is a huge deal and could open the doors for more PC-centric game genres, like city builders and real time strategy games, to consoles.

The game is currently set to launch this Spring, no exact release date has been revealed yet.