Having just celebrated its fourth birthday, 3Doodler has unveiled its upcoming range for 2017 which includes a number of new kits for younger markets including a robotics pen, and Powerpuff Girls and Star Trek-themed pens.

3Doodler initially unveiled its kid-friendly pen, the 3Doodler Start, in February last yuear which offered a safer way for children to draw their own 3D printed creations. Now, the company is expanding further bringing a new range of pens focused on Robotics, Architecture, and Product Design.

The Robotics kit allows users to literally draw their own functioning robots in three dimensions. Featuring a step-by-step activity guide, kids can create their own robots using the included DoodleBlocks motor. The Architecture kit is comes with illuminated wire, allowing creators to design their own structures using DoodleSheets, complete with working lights.

Finally, the Product Design kit, which includes a watch face, allows creators to build custom clocks, watches, smartphone cases, and much more. All they need is their imagination.

“At 3Doodler, we believe it is imperative to inspire today’s young minds to create and innovate,” said Maxwell Bogue, Co-Founder & CEO, WobbleWorks. “With the new themed sets our 3D printing pen offers youngsters the ability to try out new concepts and nurture potential professional skills.”

If that wasn’t awesome enough, 3Doodler has also announced some licensing agreements with Cartoon Network, CBS Consumer Products, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation to bring some awesome themed pens to market. The 3Doodler Create will now come in a slick new Star Trek engraved pen, an activity guide, and materials for drawing the Starship Enterprise.

The 3Doodler Start will also be getting the licensing treatment with the Powerpuff Girls pen set, focused around the PowerPuff Yourself online activity. The kit will come with materials, including the new DoodleMold and themed DoodleBlocks, to allow creators to draw their own Powerpuff characters.

Finally, the 3Doodler Create Farnsworth House Project Kit, in association with National Trust for Historic Preservation, allows creators to draw their own scale model of the Farnsworth house.

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