Do you know someone who’s currently using an AMD processor? I surely don’t. AMD’s last generation desktop chips disappointed and everybody quickly abandoned all faith in the California based semiconductor company. At long last the long-awaited sunshine after the rain is slowly unveiling.

AMD has officially announced the Ryzen processor family and promises a 52% increased ‘instructions per cycle’ ratio compared to the terribly poor previous generation. The high-end Ryzen 7 will be shipped first with eight cores and sixteen cores. The different models can compete with Intel’s i7-6900K. According to AMD’s benchmarks, it gets even better: the $499 Ryzen 7 should perform better than the $1,050 6900K, on multithreaded performance at least.

This new processor generation is available on March 2. AMD assures the public that they have plenty of hardware in stock, including motherboard options since you’re average hardware will, unfortunately, not be AMD compatible.

If AMD delivers here, we finally might have a new desktop processor competition again, which will only benefit us, the consumer. Prices will drop, improvements will be faster, etc.

Three cheers for AMD, anyone?

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