CPT 2017
That's a lot of skrilla!

Holy moly! Capcom has entered the fray with this years Pro Tour details and it’s looking pretty spicy. Some key changes have been made to this years run with a $600,000 prize pool as the first thing to mention — up from last years $500,000. Now you can pay even more bills! Seriously, if you’re an avid Street Fighter V player like I am, you now have a bigger chance to cash in thanks to the much welcomed quality of life changes to how Points are earned.

2016’s tour was a little confusing to follow and the distribution of Points felt a little bit imbalanced and unfair. Many players worked their hides off to get into Top 16, only to walk away with a measly 1-digit number often time. This year Capcom have really reworked the distribution by not only balancing them out more sensibly but also removing the auto-qualification granted from winning a Premier Event. This will prevent situations that took place last year when Infiltration got first place in 3 of these auto-qualify spots, which created a strange and very confusing scenario to follow for fans and players alike.

Another amazing change is that the Last Chance Qualifiers for each region are now Region Locked! So there wont be any more sniping going on where strong players from other parts of the world (I’m looking at you Asia!) would travel to Europe or South America to stockpile points. This also produced a frustrating landscape where you basically had a League that rewarded players with bigger wallets and the freedom to jump on a plane to beat the socks off everyone in the country.

Capcom have even made a sweet video to accompany all the new details just to make it that much more easier to absorb. Or you can read all the details here on the Official Pro Tour site. It’s all sounding super sexy right about now. There is moisture in my pants.

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