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Firaxis Games has this week launched a brand new update for Civilization 6 for all Steam Users that brings a number of improvements. In addition, the Australia Civilization and Scenario Pack has also been released.

So, first thing’s first, the update. Available for free for all Steam users, the update brings some highly-requested features to the game, including a suite of development tools as well as the Steam Workshop Uploader so players can share their new mods and creations. A pretty substantial pack of game assets is also available.

Then we’ve got the Australia DLC. This premium DLC will introduce Australia, leader John Curtin, and a new Outback Tycoon scenario. Curtin, the 14th Prime Minister of Australia served from 1941 to 1945. He’s probably considered one of the country’s best leaders, however he sadly died just a month before the end of World War II.

“We often look to the Civilization community to help us identify cultures that might be interesting to include, and ones that fulfil a gameplay role as well,” said Firaxis producer Pete Murray. “For this DLC, we were looking to create a civ that had the ability to make optimal use of coastal territory and attractive land, and Australia felt like it was an interesting choice. Australia has also been a civ that players have requested frequently in the past.”

“With our True Start Location Earth Map, Australia fills a noticeable geographic gap and their civ bonuses work well with the beautiful (but arid!) continent.”

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