Capcom’s newest iteration of the Resident Evil series is a far cry from where they started. The fixed camera tank-controlled horror franchise terrified audiences when it first arrived on the PlayStation 1 in the 90’s, but has since strayed about as far as you can go from that, at least stylistically.

This is where Daymare: 1998 comes in. Apart from a rather silly sounding name, the core fundamentals of the original Resident Evil are there. Wether created as a homage, or just trying to do it better than Capcom, they’re definitely going all out for that nostalgic terror. Daymare’s mission statement is: “an over the shoulder third personal survival horror, with a multicharacter storydriven structure. The core mechanics will present environmental puzzles (sic) solving, useful resources gathering, very hard to kill enemies and a need for strategical approach to fights.”

Fixed Camera Option

The developers, Invader Studios, have opted to crowdfund their project. At the time of writing the Kickstarter has reached 23,067 Euros of their 180,000 Euro goal with 25 days remaining. The pledge awards range from a single Euro for their perpetual gratitude, to getting your name in the (presumably fixed) save points littered around the environment for 5 Euros. The largest pledge reward is 7,000 Euros, which nabs you a weekend with the developers and the opportunity to collaborate on the creation of your own location that will feature in the finished game.

Where things get really interesting though, is that Invader Studios have managed to wrangle a few Capcom legends in on development. Full details can be read here, but it seems to be the who’s who of survival horror, with their credits including the original Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, Dino Crisis and even the excellent Onimusha Warlords. The highest stretch goal of 240,000 Euros would, if it’s met, enable the studio to employ legendary composer Akari Kaida to create the soundtrack for their project; his credits include the original Resident Evil, Dino Crisis and cult classic Okami. This is a massive boost for the indie developers, and should the Kickstarter reach it’s goal, we should expect great things, mainly coming in the form of having to change your trousers repeatedly.

The Kickstarter page can be seen here, and the latest trailer can be seen below.

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