FFXV Expansion Rumor 2

Two very large entities are building a reputation. The first is Square Enix, with their expertise in polarising the Final Fantasy fandom every time they add a number to the main franchise. And the second is the Internet, for managing to scour the barrens of the world wide web, gathering rumours about said Game Developer. Quite a few of which have proven to be true.

According to the supposed leak, Square will be announcing an expansion for Final Fantasy XV at E3 this year, called ‘World of Versus’ – a title that gets props for being both extremely ironic and on the nose at the same time considering this could be the name of the multiplayer DLC that we know is in the works. There’ll be a narrative present as the content plans to rewind the clock, taking place during a critical part of the story. Noctis will do battle in the “world of dreams” and the overall experience is meant to harbor an even darker tone. Yay… darkness!

The rumour also goes into details surrounding additional cutscenes regarding the severely under developed Ravus and Niflheim along with Noctis and Luna getting more on screen time together. I’m curious to see how they pull that off given how the game plays out.

As always, hearsay on the internet should be taken with the grainiest of salts. However, this same source also revealed nearly the entire plot of Final Fantasy XV as well as very convincing development stories over 5 months before the games release in December. Most of the claims turned out to be true and couldn’t have been the result of amazing guessing work.

Let’s see what happens during E3 2017.

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