Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood

During the Final Fantasy XIV FanFest keynote in Frankfurt today, director and Producer Naoki Yoshida took to the stage to announce a number of new details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Expansion, Stormblood.

The upcoming expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, Stormblood, received a lot more details today ahead of it’s release on June 20 to explain some of the new features coming with it. The story in Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood will focus on the players battling against the Garlean Empire and trying to free a number of new locations from their hold. The new far eastern continent that players will get to explore will open the world map up beyond anything you have seen before in Final Fantasy XIV.

The new players city of Kugane will be a port town where players can come to adventure in the new continent but they should be careful. The far eastern nation has a strict isolationist policy meaning no contact with the outside world. Kugane is the only town outside this rule as it is a trading port. That said all violence is prohibited in the town but of course, not everyone follows the rules. Players will see two new characters, the ninja Yugirl and the samurai Gosetsu play a big role in the Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood story. The latter or which, Gosetsu, will be introduced in the upcoming patch 3.5 part 2 ahead of the expansions release.

The new continent will include a number of open field areas and plenty of locations to explore. Some of the areas shown off today include the Ruby Sea, Yanxia and The Arim Steppe. The Ruby Sea is where players will included a new beast trible by the name of the Kojin. They are skilled traders and like to hang around or in water. They even have towns under water which links to the possible confirmation of underwater cities but no word just yet. They do however worship a new primal named Susano. The Lord of the Revel. Players can expect to face this new primal and more in the Ruby Sea when Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood is released.

The other two areas are where players will find the city of Doma, another location that is key to the story, along with the Aura race and tribe live. This locations are much more open then anything seen before in Final Fantasy XIV and the development team hope that players enjoy this impressive areas. But what is a new area without new content? Well good news is that you will find a number of new dungeons throughout the new continent along with of course the already announced late game Raid Interdimensional Rift – Omega: The Bend of Time. Then of course there will be the new Alliance raid dubbed Return to Ivalice.

Continuing with the new announcements is that finally we will see a fourth residential. This new area is Shirogane and set in the far eastern continent in Hingashi and come complete with Asian-style furniture. However purchasing an house in Shirogane won’t be immediately available and will happen “when the time is right” allowing players time to experience the expansions content without stressing over a house right away. Along with this players will see the housing capacity going up in Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood as well. This will be done by doubling the current capacity for houses meaning that the max is now 400 for a large house rather than 200.

As with all of the above the announcement of the new job class for the Samurai was made official as well. This means that Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood will add two new jobs. The Red Mage and the Samurai. Together with these the game is set to have a complete battle system overhaul seeing a rebalancing and reworking of skills and gameplay to make for a much better experiences. This has been going on for some time now in the development cycle so fingers crossed when Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood releases the combat is better then ever. Plus to add to all of that is that Nobuo Uematsu has returned to do the theme song for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood. The song titled ‘Revolutions’ was previewed at the event and sung by Susan Calloway. The full song will be released when the game is out.

With so many new features to take it is also worth noting some of the features already annouced at the other two FanFest events. To give you a better picture of everything included in Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood you can look forward to the above and the following…

  • New level cap of 70 up from 60
  • New gear and crafting recipes
  • Expanded exploration: Eureka
  • New beast tribe and primal. The Ananta and Lakshmi
  • Increased inventory capacity
  • Updated PC minimum spec requirements
  • End of PlayStation 3 support
  • Swimming and diving
  • And much more!

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Mac on June 20th, 2017. To get yourself even more excited check out the extended cinematic trailer below.

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