Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood

During the Final Fantasy XIV FanFest keynote in Frankfurt today, director and Producer Naoki Yoshida took to the stage to announce a number of new details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Expansion, Stormblood.

The Samurai is the latest job to be announced for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood alongside the Red Mage which was announced at the last FanFest. The Samurai is a melee DPS class which will use a katana and a number of powerful skill to unleash massive damage on foes. Like the Red Mage there is no base class for Samurai and therefore they will start at level 50 and will be able to make sure of the same armor kind as monks. Because they can single-handedly deal massive amounts of damage they will make sure of a system that will see players needing to focus on a few different elements.

Making use of traditional far eastern swordplay techniques and three “sen” forces: Setsu (snow), Getsu (moon), and Ka (flower) the Samurai will be able to chain together attacks to ensure they get the most damage output in combat. They will also be able to store energy in their Katana which, when released, will make for some seriously powerful attacks. Yoshida-san noted that there will be a number of this special charged attacks so make sure to explore and use them all.

Not only that but the Samurai will set it’s job quests in the original areas of Eorzea before going to the new continent in the far east. The story will focus on players and the warrior of light trying to liberate a number of locations from the Garlean Empire and the Legatus Zenos Yae Galvus. It is worth noting as well that each katana is designed to have it’s own specific Saya (scabbard) making each one special.

Unlike the pass expansion, Heavensward, Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood will only feature two new jobs rather then three. To go along with this and the lack of a new tank class. The developers plan to rebalance and re-spec Healers and Tanks as part of the battle system changing coming in the expansion to ensure that those classes work with the Samurai and Red Mage. We will surely learn more about these changes closer to the release of Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood ahead of it’s June 20th release date.

To see the new Samurai job in action check out the extended cinematic trailer for Final Fantasy XIV below.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Mac on June 20th, 2017.

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