Getting married is one of the most important moments of your life, so what better way than to have the perfect ring to top it off?

Takayas Mizuno creates custom jewellery, and he has become well known for his game inspired wedding bands. His newest wedding set is based on Final Fantasy XIV, each wedding band inspired by the couple’s in-game characters. What initially started off as a basic idea, turned into a stunning work of art, showcasing what Takayas can do!

Their separate rings are based on their characters, a Summoner and a Warrior. They both shared pictures of their characters, and Takayas changed his idea from basic class inspired rings, to a representation of each character. The only thing that was identical was the engraving of their company symbol on the inside, the rest came down to the personality, colour and details of both characters.

The finished product is incredible and proves that video games are more than just a game, they bring love, unity and a hell of a lot of talent!

To see the whole blog post and check out more of Takayas’ geek inspired creations, click here!

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