In typical Sony fashion, we’re already days into February before they unveil what games we’ll be getting in this month’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, though it’s definitely worth the wait.

Subscribers of PlayStation Plus will receive a lovely bunch of games this month including the adorable creation-focused adventure LittleBigPlanet 3. Yep, Sackboy and friends are coming for free this month for PlayStation 4 players.

In addition, PS4 players will also receive political pixelated shooter, Not a Hero, which stars everyone’s favourite corrupt time-travelling bunny, BunnyLord. Definitely a top game for players this month, I absolutely love it.

As for PlayStation 3 players, they’ll receive Starwhal (also cross-buy for PlayStation 4) and Anna: Extended Edition. And last but not least, PS Vita players will find both Ninja Senki DX (Cross Buy with PS4), and TorqueL (Cross Buy with PS4).

So there’s plenty for PlayStation 4 players to play this month with a total of five games playable, three of which are Cross Buy. Lovely.

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