SEGA and The Creative Assembly have announced a huge new expansion that’s coming to Total War: Warhammer on February 28, absolutely free.

This new expansion will bring a bunch of new features as well as a brand new race to the game. This new race is Bretonnia, an incredibly noble faction from within the Warhammer universe. In addition, the expansion will also come with three new Legendary Lords, one from Bretonnia, another from Bodeleaux, and one from Carcassonne. New units will also arrive, as well as some unique features.

Going into more detail about Bretonnia, this faction offers a different experience to existing races. According to SEGA, player success is based on how chivalrous their actions are. Focusing on winning tougher battles and completing quests will fill players’ chivalry meters, which will have an effect on peasants and grant extra experience for units.

Players capable of filling up their chivalry meter will also unlock a new endgame objective unique to the Bretonnian faction called The Errantry War.

The expansion is set to launch on February 28, but members of Total War Access will be able to grab the content a day early.

You can check out our thoughts on the game in our review where Mikey wrote: “Total War: Warhammer merges two beloved franchises into a powerhouse of a game.”

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