Curve Digital and Tomas Sakalauskas have announced that their incredibly hilarious puzzle game, Human: Fall Flat, is set to splat onto consoles this Spring with some brand new content.

After its launch onto PC, Human: Fall Flat; which essentially puts players in control of a drunken Morph as they try to solve puzzles, became insanely popular on YouTube scoring over 70 million cumulative views. Because y’know, it’s just one of those games that causes “influencers” to scream uncontrollably at a camera.

Anyway, it’s set to land on consoles this spring with equally hilarious gameplay and a few little additions to boot. These additions include brand new puzzles and unique customisation options. In addition, these updates will also arrive on the Steam version.

For those that missed out on its initial release Human: Fall Flat tasks players with the challenge of escaping surreal dreamscapes by solving open-ended puzzles, while struggling with intentionally tricky controls. It’s definitely one of those games where hilarity will definitely ensue.

Perhaps I should fire up my capture card?

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Unfortunately there’s no solid release date just yet, but I’m sure it’ll stumble our way soon enough.

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