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Interview: Robert “Zeloxory” Bailey on Signing to Burrito eSports

We catch up with one of Europe's most promising players in the competitive platform brawler scene.


With the announcement of their new professional circuit featuring a whopping $100,000 prize pool, Brawlhalla has been turning plenty of heads within the eSports community.

The Steam-based platform fighter garnered the attention of Paladins world champions Burrito eSports, who signed veteran player and Combo Breaker 2016 champion Robert “Zeloxory” Bailey to represent the team in the ever-growing Brawlhalla scene.

We caught up with Zeloxory to get his insight on his experience with Brawlhalla, representing a professional team, and what he has in store for the future.

LDZ (left) vz Zeloxory (right) at BCX 2016

Hi Zeloxory! For everyone out there reading this, could you tell us about yourself?

“Sure. My name’s Robert and I am a first year university student from the UK. I also go by the name “Zeloxory” in the platform brawler, Brawlhalla. I am currently a part of Burrito eSports and the second most successful player in the UK, having achieved 13th at BCX and 1st at Combo Breaker 2016.”

What got you into picking up a platform fighting game such as Brawlhalla competitively?

“I first got into Brawlhalla through one of my friends buying multiple copies of the game when it was in closed beta, allowing me and my friends to play a “Smash-like” game online together. We played the game for about 20 minutes before not touching the game for several months. I picked up the game again after seeing a video about it from Raidhyn which also introduced me to the competitive scene. From there, my interest grew.”

You were picked up by Burrito eSports near the end of January. How has your first month being under the team been and what do you think this pickup means for both you and the Brawlhalla scene?

“Overall, signing up with Burrito eSports has been a dream come true. The amount of support I receive from them has greatly increased my confidence in playing the game and I feel like a true player. There are also the added benefits of my Twitter following massively increasing as well as getting the best avatar in Brawlhalla. Getting picked up by Burrito may not seem like a big event but it opens the doors to other eSports organisations looking into the game, especially Paladins teams since the number one team picked me up.”

Zeloxory after winning Brawlhalla at Combo Breaker 2016 (Credits to Chris Bahn)

With a tournament win at Combo Breaker 2016 under your belt and your newly acquired sponsor, will you be travelling out to compete at more offline events?

“In regards to LAN’s, I will definitely be going to CEO Dreamland in Florida this April and am super excited to be surrounded by so many professional players and stand on similar ground to them. Whether I continue on to attend Combo Breaker again you will have to wait and see but I hope to be going.”

You are regarded as one of the best known up and coming players in the European scene. Do you have any current goals to reach or even surpass the other top EU players such as Diakou, Dobrein, and Maltimum?

“Honestly I don’t want to be considered best worldwide or even best in EU. I want to be known as the player that everyone needs to be careful of and the player that shows that enjoying the game is still one of my priorities.”

I think that’s it from me. Do you have any last words or shout-outs you would like to give before wrapping up this interview?

“Quick shout-out to Burrito eSports for picking me up and shout-out to Blue Mammoth Games themselves for creating the game I love so much. Also, follow me and Burrito on Twitter!”

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Ryan Crosby

Great article! nice interview, though maybe work on some different questions than the typical interview stuff, would certainly make for a more entertaining over informative read.