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"Behind The Scenes at ESL!"

“I’m just a one hit wonder but you just got cooked by my Secondary…” A glorious quote from earlier this week on ESL’s weekly King of The Hill event.

When you get a guy who has a history of talking about other players facing off against a newcomer who also isn’t afraid to let those verbs fly… well, things get very entertaining, very fast!

Punk, a new kid on the block, had a lot more to say to his fallen opponent Flash Metroid after defeating him without even using his Main Character. This created a mini-earthquake over Twitter among the Fighting Game Community, prompting everyone to purchase some popcorn.

Check out the clips below which took place off-air after the set:

This type of scenario is an common occurrence in the FGC (Fighting Game Community) so you’re never too far away from the next injection of healthy drama.

Comparing Street Fighter V to the WWE might raise an eyebrow or two. However, this franchise seems to have a higher dosage of “personality” than many other eSports or Fighting Games for that matter, mostly thanks to its rich history in the arcades and the nature of a game in which you hit people in the face with knuckles and hot plasma. Mix that with a whole lot of smack talk and you’ve got yourself a recipe for amazing.

You can watch the first to 10 set between Flash and Punk over on ESLs Twitch channel.

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