CM Punk is looking for another MMA fight, but following his last bout we thought he might be in need of a bit of training. But which nerdy martial artists could train with him to success?

If this was an anime and CM Punk was the main character, Mickey Gall would’ve been his first formidable opponent. Kind of like Ichigo and Renji out of Bleach. So cue the training montage as CM Punk goes on a journey of physical, mental, and spiritual improvement with the aid a few people who could get him there before he comes back improved and ready to take on his formidable foe which he’s still seemed very ill-prepared for.

Since Wrestling is kind of geek culture, who are the best fictional martial artists he could work with?

Laura Matsuda from Street Fighter – CM Punk lost his UFC debut when things went to the ground, maybe with the help of Street Fighter’s newest addition, things could go a little better?

With the aid of this Jujitsu fighter, his ground game would be severely increased, if not, this next master could help.

Snake Eyes from G.I Joe – I think very few of this ninja’s fights ends on the ground, or even lasts for three rounds for that matter…

Maybe CM Punk should take a trip to The Pit and learn the style of Ninjitsu which has never failed the popular G.I Joe character.

Nightwing – In case CM Punk comes up against another really proficient ground fighter, maybe it’s time to take a leaf out of Peter Parker’s book and stay out of the way just like he did in the first Sam Rami film when he battled Bonesaw in the cage.

Cue the help of Dick Grayson, AKA Nightwing. This highly talented acrobat could show him to incorporate back flips and general acrobatics into a practical fighting style.

Rock Lee – Do you think I can get through one of these lists without talking about Rock Lee? No, I don’t I think I can either.

Then again, the best hand to hand fighter in the Naruto Universe would improve CM Punk’s stamina and will teach him all the crazy cool technique he’ll need gain success in the cage.

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